Portland Newborn Photography : Fresh 48 : Kinsley Rene’

If you have read any of my Facebook shares of a Fresh 48 session, be it fusion video or photo, you have probably seen me mention a thousand times how much these are my absolute favorite sessions second to births.

There is something so unbelievably special about capturing a fresh baby and even though I actually photographed this sweet girl just 12 hours before when she entered the world, I got to come back and capture big brother coming to meeting her, and it was pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

He kept saying “It’s okay baby, shhhh,” and all other variations of adorable that are enough to make any woman’s ovaries ache.

Thank you so much, Miller family. It was an honor being able to be a part of you welcoming miss Kinsley into the world.

Portland Newborn Photography : Fresh 48 : Francesca Leigh

I always love to be a part of a family’s lives and capture the moments as they welcome their new little one into the world, but when that family happens to be a very close friend, it’s even more special. 

This little girl was so, so wanted. I was with her mama through all of her struggles on the journey to get her, but Francesca is here and she is absolutely perfect! 

Congratulations, Rosales family. Crankie Frankie is so loved!